About Us

Who are we really?


Our Business

We pride ourselves on pure business ethics. Our transparency is what sets us apart from the rest. We originally started off solely in Research & Development, but over the years we have created different business sectors allowing us to cater for more.

Our business model closely follows the concept of heading for a bigger and brighter future.

Our History

Originally established in 1990, Futre has firmly placed itself in it's industry's history books. From day one, we have never stopped learning. What does this give us today? Well we can proudly say that our knowledge and experience is at a level that is very hard to come by in our industry.

As time passes by, we will continue to provide this level of quality service. Perhaps even bettering it for the future.

Our Sales

Yes, we also have a Sales Department. We stock various brands of Variable Speed Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers, GSM Modules, Energy Management units or even products from our own range. And this is just to name a few.

If you would like to see some of the brands and products we sell, please visit our online catalogue here. Alternatively you can contact our Sales Department here.

Our Love

We simply love what we do. We put our hearts and minds into our work, this allows us to give our best. In turn, our best efforts will produce the best outcomes which we feel can make any client happy.

Why do we enjoy our work so much? Because everyday we experience, encounter and learn something new. This helps us to overcome any challenges we may face.