Energy Brain Cloud 2.0

 We are proud to announce the expected release of Energy Brain Cloud 2.0 as the latest and greatest in Online Energy Monitoring & Management Portals. This browser based software, allows users to view and manage all data retrieved from Electrex devices and third-party devices that may be connected to them.

This is a powerful tool that allows the management and monitoring of all collected data through a simple web browser on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone device.

All-in-one Energy Auditing Kit

Today Futre has the pleasure of introducing an all-in-one Power Quality Energy Auditing Kit into the South African market.

There are many local businesses that provide energy savings solutions to the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. However, the lack of appropriate monitoring and data logging devices needed for pre and post auditing is a common problem. Devices that do exist are either insufficient in features or over priced for their respective sector.

This is why Electrex has taken it upon themselves to integrate their top Power Quality Energy Metering devices into a portable all-in-on monitoring kit. This kit is perfectly suited for temporary logging and auditing, highly accurate and with a great build quality and finish.

Beer & Power Factor

As a factory owner, or even the manager in charge of running the plant, you have probably heard a lot about Power Factor Correction. You have probably even had a company present a PFC solution to you in the past. But the concept of how such a system could have it's benefits may not be so clear. Understanding Power Factor Correction to it's core, may require further education in say Electrical Engineering and this may seem like too much work for the task at hand. As an owner, you want to ensure that the money you spend in installing one or multiple PFC systems will have a R.O.I. (And a good one at that). We recently read an article that helps non-engineers better understand what Power Factor Correction does and it's benefits. We thought we should share it with you.

Importance of good Power Quality

The reliability and consistency of your electrical supply is one of the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the activities of both the industrial and the service based companies. Problems originating from poor Power Quality include interruptions, dips or harmonic pollution. Therefore the loads connected to a network, where such problems are prevelant, will fail, have a short lifetime and the efficiency of the system will decrease.

ISO 50001 Standard

Before we can answer the question "Why should my company use or follow the ISO 50001 standard?" we need to get a better understanding of what exactly this standard is, who can make use of it and then we can outline the main reasons why this global standard is important, especially in this South African market. Lets read on and see what we find.

Going Mobile


Whether it's a fresh startup or a well defined company, whether it is tech-based or not, all successful business are taking their services to the mobile device market. From international companies like Uber and eBay, to local companies such as and SnapScan. They all share one thing in common, they provide their users with the ability to use their services through a mobile platform. This article is here to outline some reasons why this is the case and to what benefit is it for your company or fresh startup idea.

Pumps & Fans

Fans and pumps use motors and drives. The electricity consumed by motors in buildings is significant. Globally electric motors are responsible for 40% of all electricity consumption [The Carbon Trust, Motors and Drives, 2011].
Operational costs of motors far exceed the initial capital costs; therefore there is the potential for huge savings in energy through efficient use of motor drives.

Oversized motors are inefficient. It is relatively easy to measure the electrical current to the motor and compare this to the rated current.

Incorrectly sized pumps should be sized so that they run at between 50% and 90% of their peak load capacity. Undersized pumps may be running constantly at peak load which is not efficient, while oversized pumps will be running at reduced efficiency (i.e. below 40% rated capacity) all the time.

Visiting Electrex

On the 30th and 31st of October, Dino Alves had the privilege of visiting the Electrex offices in Reggio Emilia (Italy). There he received information and training on new Electrex products, renewable energy techniques/trends and application examples where such a system is used. "Electrex is a very well established and stable company, providing high quality support and training. The products, both hardware and software, is seamless in design and integration", says Dino.

Electrex has officially issued a certificate to Dino for being formally trained on their full product range, qualifying him to provide full support and training in Southern Africa.

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