MUX Card (Analogue-to-Digital Multiplexer Card)

Brand: Futre

Product Overview:


MUX Cards (Multiplexer cards) allow you to convert analoque signals into digital signals. Each card has up to 8 inputs and one output using RS485 Modbus Protocol.


An example of such a useful feature is the following:


Using the MUX cards as RTD converters to convert the analogue temperature readings from RTDs to digital values. These values are linearised, scaled and normalised to degrees Celsius or Faranheit.


This conversion is done using 16bit resolution. The card also features 2 analogue (0-10volt inout) and 1 PWM output (analogue).


They provide a great advantage by being low cost solutions when needed to read in multiple temperature sensors (or other analogue sensors etc.).



  • RS-485 Output
  • Two 0-10 Volt Inputs
  • 8 Analogue Inputs
  • 1 PWM Output
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Industry Standard
  • Precise Conversion Measurements


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