Polygon Technologies - GSM Commander OEM VERSION (GSM & Telemetry)

Brand: Polygon Technologies

OEM Version:

Base unit only, no antenna, no PSU, no USB cable.


GC0321-OEM Features:

Configure up to 32 behaviour statements (from the "032" in the name).

Expandable up to a maximum of 12 inputs and 12 outputs. Configuration via USB, using SmartSetup software (free).

No DTMF or logic control. Basic GPRS functions on AirDrive platform (Status viewing only).


Product Highlights:

  • Easy to set up with point-and-click SmartSetup computer software. Up to 32 statements 
  • Base unit with 2x opto isolated digital inputs (expandable up to 12 inputs)

  • Base unit with 2x 8amp relay outputs (expandable up to 12 outputs)

  • 1 Analog input

  • 10 – 24vDC power input with

  • 1 Battery backup input & trickle charge function

  • 2 temperature inputs (Must use GT002)

  • Serial interface port

  • SMS, Voice call and basic GPRS capability





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