Electrex - YOCTO I/O (Programmable Multifunctional I/O Device)

Brand: Electrex


Programmable multifunctional I/O device for RS485 networks. Built-in clock and data retention memory. Equipped with analogue inputs, digital inputs and , depending on the type, relay outputs and digital outputs. Designed to log the average value (in a programmable integration time) of analogue parameters from external sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity, etc.), for pulse counting (e.g. electrical energy, gas, water, etc.) or ON/OFF state detection. The outputs can be configured for alarm mode or remote control via Modbus. 1 slave RS485 port (Modbus). DIN rail mount 4 modules. 8-32Vac/12-45Vdc power supply.

YOCTO I/O D4 8/32V 2AI 2DI 2RO 2DO (Programmable Multifunctional I/O Device) Features:

Type with 2 digital inputs (for pulse count), 2 analogue inputs (for external sensors), 2 digital outputs and 2 relay outputs (internal alarm, remote output) . 


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