Electrex - X3M 96 (Energy Data Manager)

Brand: Electrex


Large high-contrast LCD display with backlight. Single-phase, 2-phase , balanced or unbalanced 3-phase (max. 500V ph-ph), 2, 3 & 4 wire LT and HT systems, ../1-5A CT input. Class 1 accuracy on energies (EN61036), RMS measurement up to the 31st harmonic. Built-in non-volatile flash memory for data storage (over 60-day power profiling) & events logging. Battery-backed real time calendar/clock. Equipped with 2 digital outputs programmable for Alarm or Pulse transmission (or as remote Output devices) and with 2 expansion ports for connection of external transmission modules. Modbus protocol. Field upgradeable firmware. Suitable for harsh environment. Temperature range -20+60°C. Flush mount 96x96 mm.

X3M 96 (Energy Data Manager) 15-40V Features:

Over 60 readings including phase THD-I, THD-U, average, peak and import/export powers, 2-4 quadrant energies (Ea, Er), TOU handling possibility upon calendar upload. Events logging to memory (sags, swells/dips, mains failures, min/max values, etc). 15-40 Vac/18-60 Vdc power supply.


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