Electrex - YOCTO GATE (Gateway & Multifunctional Loggers)

Brand: Electrex


GSM - Devices for Wireless Monitoring Networks and Remote Management.

YOCTO GATE D4 8/32V GSM (Gateway & Multifunctional Loggers) Features:

Multifunctional GSM gateway. 4 inputs (2 digital, 2 analogue) 4 outputs (2 digital, 2 relay), 1 RS485 serial port (Modbus). Built in GSM modem. Independent supervision of alarms of RS485 sub meters network with automatic SMS messaging and mail/fax where supported. RS485/GSM interface. DIN rail mount 4 modules. 8÷32Vac/12÷45Vdc power supply. Antenna and SIM card not included.

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