Electrex - ENVIRONMENTAL PARAMETERS DECA SENSOR Kits (Multifunctional Sensor Kits)

Brand: Electrex
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Electrex now offers ready-to-go environmental sensor kits with appropriate data logging modules. Please use drop down list on the top right to get more information on a suitable kit.

ENVIRONMENTAL PARAMETERS DECA SENSOR Kits E-Wi T H L TE1 (Multifunctional Sensor Kits) Features & Contents:

Includes 1 Yocto Net Coordinator Web E-Wi 2DI 2DO with WEB pages displaying measures online and power supplier 24V, 1 Deca Sensor E-Wi THL 4DI TE Bus with a Lithium 5V battery, 1 Deca Sensor External TE1, 1 Deca Sensor Bus Unit Box L and 1 copy of Energy Brain Configurator software.

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