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Futre is a proud System Integrater of the Polygon Technologies brand.

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The GSM Commander

Polygon Technologies presents the most advanced GSM control and telemtry device in the world. The GSM Commander is your ultimate remote control that words via cellular networks. Whether you want to control a remote device or monitor some parameter or event from afar. The GSM Commander provides a rich set of features that allows you perfect control over your remote site, bringing you total control, and peace of mind.


Areas of application for the GSM Commander

Commercial Sectors (Download Case Study):

So many things to manage during your day (…and nights)? Monitor and do online logging of your electricity and water usage. Get early warning alarms of critical issues from basement pumps, fire panels and unauthorised access. We’ll, just make those small issues disappear with effective remote site management. Complete control and peace of mind for your requirements.

Agricultural Sectors (Download Case Study):

Free your time and focus on farming. Use the GSM Commander for security, access control, start pumps, pivots, prevent cable theft, reporting, electric fencing, etc.

Cable Theft Detection (Download Application Note):

Catch them red-handed. Really? What if you can be notified of a cable theft attempt while it’s happening? Want to protect and cable or equipment?

Residential Sectors (Download Case Study):

Know what’s happening at your house before anyone else knows. Use the GSM Commander for geyser management, alarm reporting, irrigation and access control.

Security (Download Case Study):

Cable theft, arm/ disarm electric fencing, alarm reporting and more…

Industrial Sectors (Download Case Study):

So many things to manage. Let your equipment tell you when they need your attention. Use the GSM Commander for machine running hours, PLC-type control, reporting, generator/ backup management, refrigeration, hotel management and so many more.

Access Control (Download Case Study):

Manage access control via dropped call to any door or gate. Allocate staff time and access.

Alternative Energy (Download Application Note).

Pump Control (Download Application Note).


Data Sheets

GSM Commander Data Sheet (Download)

PLC Commander Data Sheet (Download)

Battle Ship GSM Antenna Data Sheet (Download)

Intelligent Vibration Sensor Data Sheet (Download)



SMS Commander Manual (Download)

GSM Commander Manual (Download)

PLC Commander Manual (Download)

House Commander Manual (Download)

GSM Base Logger Manual (Download)

Battery Protector V3 Manual (Download)

Baby GSM Commander Manual (Download)

GSM Commander "GC" Series V7 Manual (Download)


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