A few months back we successfuly installed a fully automated and intelligent pump control panel. This panel is in charge of controlling two 15kW pumps used to supply municipal water to the roof tank of a hotel. This water is then used for all domestics in the hotel, hence the importance of it.

The system is controlled via a Delta Electronics PLC & HMI. A GSM Commander module was included to alert maintenance staff, at the hotel, of impending problems (i.e. Pump failures, low water levels, damaged contactors etc.). As you will see in the video below, the GSM module is integrated with the HMI (A first of its kind feature on this market), allowing the user to monitor the status of the GSM module directly via the HMI. The user is also able to, via the HMI, request help from our maintenance team by means of an automatically generated SMS that is sent out by the GSM module.

The HMI features inter-locks to prevent unwanted tampering with the system. The user is able to visually see the status of the pumps as well as statistics of their run times etc.

A specially developed algorithm is used to detected false water float inputs signals to help detect tangled/damaged floats. This is very useful, as the existing tanks all use mechanical float switches. A debugging screen is then provided on the HMI, to visually detect the faulty floats.

Ultrasonics are used to detect the true water level of the roof tank. The user is then able to view a precise water level of the roof tanks via the HMI, without having to physically travel to the roof. Supply tank levels are also depicted in descreet measurements based on the physical floats inside them.

The user is also able to bypass false alarms on either of the two supply tanks to allow for maintenance on the tanks to be carried out. Special interlocking features will also prevent any of the pumps from running, incase both supply tanks are being repaired or run dry.

This is just a brief description of what we were able to achieve in this project. If you would like such a system developed for your facility, whether it be on a smaller or larger scale, please feel free to contact us here.

The following video will show you this system in action!

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