Electrex - DECA Sensors (Multifunctional Sensors For Environmental Monitoring)

Brand: Electrex


The multifunctional sensors, DECA SENSOR E-Wi and RS485, are the best solution for environmental parameters measuring and management, in residential, tertiary and industrial sector. The DECA SENSORS can be integrated into ELECTREX energy monitoring networks as well as can be used in many applications like: remote control, alarms management, building automation. Available in wireless and rs485 versions. 2 years warranty.

DECA Sensor E-Wi HI T Battery (Multifunctional Sensors For Environmental Monitoring) Features:

Multifunction sensor for measuring the environmental temperature. Wall mount for internal/external (adequately protected) environments. Transcieves the data in RFD mode via radio waves (wireless) using the E-Wi protocol based on IEEE802.15.4. Size: 80 x 80 x 25 mm. Power supply: battery
(PFAT000-0B) not included.


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