Electrex - ATTO and ATTO E-Wi Series (Transducer & Energy Analyser)

Brand: Electrex


Over 60 readings available on serial port including min-max U, max., thermal & neutral current, phase THD-I, THD-U, peak power, maximum demand, rolling demand, import/export demand, phase, partial and total active energy, 2-4 quadrant energies (Ea, Er) RMS measurement to 31st harmonic. 0,5 % accuracy on V and I. Class 1 accuracy on active energy and cl. 2 on reactive energy (EN62053-21). Single-phase, 2-phase, balanced or unbalanced 3-phase (max. 500V ph-ph), 2, 3 & 4 wire, LT and HT systems, ../1-5A CT input. Temp. range -10+50°C. DIN rail mount 4 modules. 230- 240Vac power supply (others on request). 

Supplied with 1 external 70A CT (9 mm. hole diam.) and ready for single phase wiring. For 3-phase systems it is necessary to separately order 1 or 2 additional CTs type TA 70A depending upon the wiring configuration. 

ATTO D4 70A E-Wi HI 230-240V with direct 70A input from dedicated CT (Transducer & Energy Analyser) Features:


Transceives the data through radio waves (wireless) using the E-Wi protocol. (Equipped with RS485 port)


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